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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ben E. Johnson Now Joins the Ranks of Male Solo Artist

Ben E. Johnson

 Influenced by a wide range of vocalists from Fred Hammond and Pastor Marvin Winans to Stevie Wonder and Pastor Shirley Ceasar, singer and songwriter Ben E. Johnson has a style that showcases his soulful tenor vocals.

Reared in Barrett Station, Crosby, Texas during his early years, Ben was found singing in the church choir where his father was the Senior Pastor and his mother served as Choir Director.

Ben’s original music composition marked the launching of his writing in 1986. He recorded the project “Everybody Ought to Know” with Salt of the Earth (revised), which included his originals “someone Special”, “Be Blessed”, “We’re Striving” and “War”. In 1995, he recorded the project “Keep Love Alive” with the group Forte, which included his originals “Keep Love Alive”, “Brighter Day”, “Right With the Lord”. ‘We’re Safe”, “Praise the Lord”, “Got on Board”, “You” and a remake of ‘Someone Special”.

“My goal is to use my gifts to encourage listeners, and to win souls for the body of Christ. My prayer is that people will not see me but the Christ who lives in me… giving all glory to God.”

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