Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ReEntryTV...See the New Segment with Funky Larry Jones

ReEntry TV is a media outlet committed to delivering informed, media-savvy public relations based on superior industry knowledge, with a real understanding of the issues that affect both ex-offenders and the community-at-large.

Our mission is to educate the communities on the challenges faced by ex-offenders reentering society; and to provide information that empowers ex-offenders to achieve self sufficiency through access to affordable housing, support services, and meaningful employment thereby fostering positive self esteems and building strong family values on which to establish successful lives and healthy communities.

Hosts: Lt. Manuel Fields and Funky Larry Jones

Our vision is to build healthier societies and stronger communities for all.

Education- while being acclimated back to society is important because time changes the sect of people and the way things are done to yesterday's ways are forever changing. HTEC offeres the chance for those experiencing the troubles of conforming to this new changing trend of the modern day work place, Stephanie Boutte, CEO of HTEC - Houston Training and Education Center now offers those classes to make you marketable in the working environment.

  • 1. Employment Opportunity
    2. Housing- Permanent and temporary
    3. Second Chance For Ex-Offenders Act of 2007
    4. Prison Fellowship
    5. Public Services- Gold Card, ID, SS Card, etc.
    6. Parole Department
    7. Probation Department
    8. Prison Ministry Volunteers
    9. Become a mentor
    10. Face Book, Twitter, Blog, YouTube
    11. Treatment Services
    12. Legal Assistance- Innocent Project
    13. Re-Entry Coalition
    14. Coalition of Residential Services Houston
    15. Welcome Back Program
    16. Prison Legislation and Policy Reform
    17. HIV-AIDS
    18. Drug Testing—The positive side of drug testing.
    19. Career Gear
    20. CPA
    21. MHMRA Services
  • Agencies that assist ex-offenders:
    1. David & Ivory Ministries ’Lieutenant’s House’
    2. Salvation Army
    3. Inner Change Freedom Initiative
    4. Restorative Justice
    5. Career Gear Houston
    6. Innocent Project

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