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Pursuing to own my own business- P3 Production Enterprises. I am a minister of God's word and comes to be somewhat pressed against the norm of what we call church business. I tend to strive to connect to the underdog and do not mind supporting others dreams and aspirations. I think I have a good heart and tend to get it broken at times. But later, God steps in and makes it better. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2011 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards

13th Annual
Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards 2011

Pastor Larry Davies and his staff wish to express their apologies for the inconvenience of our website discrepancies. We are currently working on repairing the issue. Until then we will still commence with the business as usual.

The ballot can be accessed via the blog instead and any other questions can be directed to the blog site or call Pastor Larry Davies via @ 281.935.3573
  Email:   info@larrydaviesministries.com
Pastor Larry Davies

The TGMEA Ballots of nominations are now making the ballots available online so that you may print the ballots from your printer. The conditions still apply:
1. The ballots are only considered valid if all categories are filled out.
2. Any incomplete ballot will be discarded and the votes will not be counted.
3. All ballots must be on on or before December 31, 2010.
4. You can vote as many times as you deem necessary.
5. Ballots are anonymous so no one has to sign or identify their ballot(s).
6. Please write in ink (no specific color). 

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