Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rev. Herbert Stroman (1930 - 2013)

We sincerely extend to the Stroman Family our condolensces during the loss of a great man who we paid tribute to in February.

No words can console or ease the pain of losing a loved one to the grip of death. But God knows the sorrow of loss but also the encouragement of gain; knowing that Pastor Herbert Stroman has gained eternal rest from the suffering and pain during his illness.

Pastor Stroman is orginally from Brazoria, Texas. He is a true man of God, with many attributes. Pastor Stroman is an exceptional preacher, teacher, counselor, husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend, who is always willing to help and ready to serve..
He served in the United States Armed Forces, after fifteen months in the service he was promoted to staff sergeant. This experience began his incomparable career in leadership. Rev. Stroman attended Union Theological Seminary, in Houston, Texas as also attended theological school at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas.
Pastor Stroman is a man called by God to preach the Gospel of Christ. In 1957, Rev. Stroman was called to Christian Hope Baptist Church, in the Third Ward section of Houston, Texas. He accepted the task on the 7th of January, at that time was a second Sunday.
In January 2011, Rev. Herbert Stroman has served as the pastor of Christian Hope Baptist Church for 54 years. God's grace has allowed Pastor Stroman to license thirty-eight (38) ministers ("Sons in the Ministry"). Pastor Stroman has said so many times that he prayed to the Lord for a church in Third Ward, and the rest is history.
Pastor Stroman once served as Vice President in the Ministers Conference of the Independent Missionary Baptist General Association. He has also served on the Board of Finance for the National Baptist Convention of America.

Under the guidance of God and the leadership of Rev. J. Blair, the Christian Hope Baptist Church was organized at 3347 Anita Street in the Third Ward Section of Houston, Texas. Upon the demise of Rev. J. Blair, pastoral leadership continued with Rev. L. C. Hearn, Rev. C. L. Johnson and Rev. Jimmy Johnson. Charter members included Deacon I. D. Burton, Deacon Ed Simmons, Sis. Dorothy George, and Sis. Laura L. Johnson.
In January 1957, Rev. Herbert Stroman was called to Christian Hope Baptist Church. On January 7, 1957 the second Sunday, he accepted the task. The late Deacon I. D. Burton was very instrumental in seeking this Shepherd to lead the Christian Hope Baptist Church flock.

A new site and second building were acquired through the goodness of God. On February 5, 1967, the Christian Hope Baptist Church relocated to its present location at 3418 Anita Street.
The spiritual leadership of Pastor Herbert Stroman caused the membership to grow and there was a need to expand. The building project began, was completed and the congregation entered the new sanctuary on May 30, 1976. Through God’s will and the untiring faith, spiritual and motivational leadership of our pastor, the congregation continued to grow and the people had a mind to work.
As time evolved, the Trustee Board was re-established in 1983. Plans to remodel the sanctuary were in place and the project began. The remodeled sanctuary was completed and the new edifice was dedicated on September 30, 1984. The Lord moved us from “Vision to Victory” and blessed us to burn our church mortgage on December 8, 1998.

In 2001, Pastor Stroman had a vision to enhance the front of our church and upgrade the inside. The church family supported the vision and the building renovation project began in January 2002. The renovation project was completed in January 2005 and the cornerstone was laid January 30, 2005. Currently, there have been thirty-eight ministers licensed under the leadership of Pastor Stroman. There are currently twenty-two stewards serving on the Board of Deacons and thirteen stewards serving on the Board of Trustees. The church membership has continued to grow from a record low of sixteen members. Pastor Stroman is empowered by God to bring the CHBC congregation from where they were to where they should be…. As we grow in grace, we grow in Christian love.

To Read Some of the Reflections to Pastor Stroman Click the Attachment Below:

Pastor Herbert Stroman as he preaches Dr. John Adolph's Anniversary

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