Friday, February 8, 2013

TGMEA Honors Pastor Herbert Stroman at the Legends Awards

Rev. Darrell Stroman  
Pastor Herbert Stroman
Pastor of Christian Hope Baptist Church
Third Ward Area of Houston

TGMEA Honors Pastor Herbert Stroman at the Legends Awards
Pastor Stroman's grandson, Rev. Darrell Stroman,  received the award on behave of his grandfather.

Pastor Stroman is orginally from Brazoria, Texas. He is a true man of God, with many attributes. Pastor Stroman is an exceptional preacher, teacher, counselor, husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend, who is always willing to help and ready to serve.

He served in the United States Armed Forces, after fifteen months in the service he was promoted to staff sergeant. This experience began his incomparable career in leadership. Rev. Stroman attended Union Theological Seminary, in Houston, Texas as also attended theological school at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas.

Pastor Stroman is a man called by God to preach the Gospel of Christ. In 1957, Rev. Stroman was called to Christian Hope Baptist Church, in the Third Ward section of Houston, Texas. He accepted the task on the 7th of January, at that time was a second Sunday.

In January 2011, Rev. Herbert Stroman has served as the pastor of Christian Hope Baptist Church for 54 years. God's grace has allowed Pastor Stroman to license thirty-eight (38) ministers ("Sons in the Ministry"). Pastor Stroman has said so many times that he prayed to the Lord for a church in Third Ward, and the rest is history.
Pastor Stroman once served as Vice President in the Ministers Conference of the Independent Missionary Baptist General Association. He has also served on the Board of Finance for the National Baptist Convention of America.

Pastor Stroman has been suffering with health challenges and Pastor Larry Davies along with the Houston community are truly praying for his recovery and congratulates him on his efforts and contibutions in ministry---WE SALUTE YOU PASTOR STROMAN.

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