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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Catching You Guys Up!!!!

Greetings my readers and Facebook family,

I know I haven't been in touch with you for some time. Due to losses of family and friends, I had to--had to readapt to my purpose and refocus. God is still good and his mercies are everlasting, leaving us with the faith and hope to go on... there is too much work in the vineyard to loose the harvest.

Here are some things that have gone on to let you know that the mission of God is still alive and well...

In October 2012, The Gospel Music Workshop of America's Gospel Announcer's Guild of Houston initiated and event, in hopes will be a yearly event...."Dinner On The Water"...a dinner cruise that was a huge success... Congratulations to Sis. Catherine Dorsey on a job well done.
In November 2012 , The Gospel Announcer's Guild of Texas celebrated their anniversary during the Thanksgiving Holiday in Dallas, Texas. 
Houston's Own Loretta Williams Gurnell  & KTSU's Charles Hudson served as a panelist in the artistry segment sharing the aspects and their experiences of God's graces in their ministries that has opened so many opportunities with various Gospel Artists in and around the U.S. not to mention some secular artist as well.

There was a good turn out and a mighty move of God took place. Congratulations to the Dallas Guild for such a Holy Ghost moving experience. Such artists as the mighty maestro of the organ--Moses Tyson, Jr.
Gaye Arbuckle came through and blessed us with a solo...
Anthony Brown from came by and blessed us with their latest upcoming music...
Various Artist of the gospel affiliation blessed us in Dallas such as Mark Gordon representing Houston Talented group of ministers...

We also take the time to reflect on the 'Relying on God' Conference featuring Dorothy Norwood and Beverly Crawford. This event ministered to more than just women, as stated by Evangelist Bridgette Hill, this conference is not limited to women-men as also included in this event of ministry. Congratulations and God's Blessing to Evangelist Hill. Here are some photos from the conference...

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