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Pursuing to own my own business- P3 Production Enterprises. I am a minister of God's word and comes to be somewhat pressed against the norm of what we call church business. I tend to strive to connect to the underdog and do not mind supporting others dreams and aspirations. I think I have a good heart and tend to get it broken at times. But later, God steps in and makes it better. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dale Ciceron Coming To Houston To EMCEE Midnight Musical


  1. All Artists, Worshippers, and Praisers,

    We are encouraging you and your fellow constituents in the faith to come and help us to praise God. Bring your children and teens; bring their talents and abilities to share with us and give God His just praise.

    This event will be hosted at the Bible Days Revival Church on Quitman at 10:00 pm. Our special guest EMCEE will be Rev. Dale Ciseron...COME LET'S PRAISE THE LORD TOGETHER.

  2. Yes this will be a epic event YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS.. Anyone who is interested in ministering please contact me at 973-766-4957.