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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards Results

On behalf of Pastor Larry Davies & First Lady Sharon Davies; the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards' Staff congratulates the recipients and participants in our 2011 Awards Ceremonies.

Thursday, February 17th, was the Legends Awards Ceremony and Worship Services

The Legend Awards Recipients are:
Pastor Gusta Booker, Pastor of Greater St. Matthews Baptist Church
Pastor Anthony Rose, Pastor of Holy Trinity Baptist Church
Minister Phyllis Kennedy, Gospel Music Composer/Writer and Musician
Dr. Darrell Rushing, Gospel Music Composer/Writer and Musician
Pastor Ronnie Porter, Gospel Music Composer/Writer and Musician

Here are other recipients of the awards during the following nights.

The Lady Beatrice Ward and the Angelics
(Gospel Group of the Year)

Minister Phyllis Kennedy
(Praise & Worship Leader of the Year)

Female Group of the Year, Disciples of Christ

The Bradby Girls (Youth Group of the Year)

Pastor Darrell Blair (Male Soloist of the Year)

Sherica Cooks (Young Adult Solo Artist of the Year)

Dr. Theola Booker & The Greater St. Matthew Choir (Choir of the Year)

Endurance (Male Group & Quartet of the Year)

Rashod Caldwell (Texas Youth Mass Choir-Youth Mass Choir of the Year)

Dr. Theola Booker presented Gaye Arbuckle (Female Soloist of the Year)

Presented by Pastor Larry Davies to Gaye Arbuckle (Best New Project of the Year)

Minister Ronald Materre (Choir Director of the Year)

Accepting Award for Robert "Praiseman" Washington for Best MC/Worship Leader of the Year is Denise Washington

Leticia Jackson, 1360Am KWWJ Radio Personality (Gospel Announcer of the Year)

We also like to thank our special guests:
Joshua Moore (jam860297@gmail.com) singer of "Church Pain" & "So Glad To Be Here"

Gail Fly (bgailfly@yahoo.com) 2009 Rhythm of Gospel Award Winner

For The Lord

Gethsemane Baptist Church Choir of New Jersey

Quincy Fielding Jr. & The LA Messengers

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