Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Audrey Spearman...The Ordination of Bishop Walter Hawkins' Son...Jamie Hawkins

For those who could not attend the Musical Concert last night at Love Center Ministries Inc. ~ (LCM) ~ "CELEBRATING" the Installation of Walter "Jamie" Hawkins ~ I will try to give a recap of what happened ~ Here goes … The church was packed to capacity as LCM Staff did a great job trying to accommodate all that came out! Lynette Hawkins Stephens and Brenda Roy did the Call to Worship and the Love Center Worship Warriors helped to usher the presence of the Lord in led by Antoine Timmons. Minister Gloria King introduced two amazing MC’s Pastor Sheila Robinson who conducted the first half and Pastor Jerome Bell who carried us through the second half.

~ The Love Center Mass Choir began with the selection ~ On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand and When the Battle is Over Led by Minister Carol King and they tore the house down!!! This called for a marvelous “PRAISE BREAK”!!!~ Rev. Daryl Coley was scheduled to be next on the program but was unable to attend due to hospitalization. Please lift Rev. Coley up in your prayers!! I have no further details.~ We were blessed with mighty words of wisdom and encouragement from Bishop Ernestine Cleveland Reems of The Center of Hope ~ Oakland Ca. ~ who is 81 Years old and still wears “stilettos”!!! ~ Bishop Reems shared that she was blessed to have stood by Bishop Walter Hawkins some 38 years ago when he started LCM and now almost 40 years later she was honored to stand by and support her great nephew Pastor Jamie Hawkins as he continues on with his father’s ministry!~ Lawrence Matthews blessed us next with ~ Jesus I Love You and I’m taking back all that the devil stole from me!!!This called for a tremendous “PRAISE BREAK” as the LORD continued to have HIS WAY in the service while we basked in his presence!!!!~ Up next was the Love Center Young Adult Reunion Choir led by Maggie Wincher as she celebrated her 50th Birthday ~ “A birthday shout out to my girl Maggie-Love Ya” ~ The choir saaaaaaaaaaaaanggggg More than life to me and God is in Control ~ I was speechless!~ The offering was guided by Pastor Larry Coleman of LCM Inc. in Springfield, Ohio who touched us all as he testified how God transformed him from being a “crack head” to a Pastor many years ago and used Bishop Walter Hawkins to mentor him when he was first called into ministry ~ You see GOD can use anybody he pleases to establish his kingdom and then bring it back around “full circle” to inspire a whole new generation! ~ I was really moved by what this Pastor imparted to Jamie after which the Love Center Worship Warriors rendered one of my favorites ~ Every Praise is to Our God ~ which we were first taught at the Music and Arts Love Fellowship Conference by J. David Bratton. ~ The second half of the musical opened with Pastor Jamie’s mother ~ the one and only, world renowned Reverend Mother Lady Tramaine!!! She was backed by the Love Center Choir! Lady Tramaine is in full support of her son’s ministry and I was told she renewed her membership last Sunday morning during Pastor Jamie’s alter call at the Ordination Service at LCM. A large number of people gave their life to Christ and also joined the church that day, ~ Lady Tramaine blessed us with her golden voice with an opening song written by Pastor Jamie and First Lady Sunny Hawkins entitled ~ Excellent One! This was followed by several others ~ Kings Highway ~ I never lost my Praise and Holy One - I’ll Never Let You Down! ~ With Pastor Donnie McClurkin in the house all plans got cancelled!!! First he ministered to us like only he can by sharing ~ “Sometimes I feel discouraged and I think my works in vain but then the Holy Spirit comes and REVIVES my soul again!!! ~ He told us that GRACE gives you the power to do what your flesh doesn’t want to do and … in GRACE we have unmerited favor to do supernaturally what you can’t do naturally!!! ~ He blessed us singing Special Gift ~ Thank You ~ Stand ~ Change duet with Tramaine ~ and ~ Just a Prayer Away duet with Pastor Jamie!!! Three special ministry call prophecies were spoken over young Jabari as well as Jason II and III ~ Healing and Restoration prophesies were spoken over two female Hawkins family members. It was simply “AMAZING”!!! My God ~ My God!!By the time Pastor Donnie finished ministering we needed some VICTORY so…Ty Tibbett closed us out with V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!! The young people danced before the alter while the rest of us got our final shout on!!The Musicians were absolutely incredible led by Young Devin Watkins who calls me his “Auntie” and who I think is simply phenomena!! If you can help me with some of the other musician’s names I would love to acknowledge them also. I do know Brother Sid Smith was in the house sharing his gift with us too!Pastor Jamie gave closing remarks and made an appeal for salvation and I am aware that one young person gave their life to Christ! There may have been more but I could not see closely because the alter was full!!The Formal Installation service will be held tomorrow evening at 7 P.M. at LCM. This writer has participated with The Love Center Ministries in many capacities for the past 10 years. At the present time I am a Gold Member of the Music and Arts Love Fellowship Conference which will be held in Las Vegas Nevada June 26th – July 3rd ~ and ~ a member of The Community In Praise Choir. I was drawn to this ministry because it is led by the Holy Spirit not tradition and is full of “LOVE”. Bishop Walter Hawkins accepted me as I was 10 years ago ~ embraced me ~ and poured all he had into me for many years!! It was truly an honor to know him as a friend (He always called me neighbor!) and to learn under his teachings. I really miss him but… God doesn’t make mistakes so I expect that GOD is going to do even greater things with Pastor Jamie and first Lady Sunny in the future as Love Center Ministries continues to grow and flourish in the Name of Jesus! My church home is at Victory In Praise ~ (V.I.P.) ~ Modesto Ca. under the “AWESOME” leadership of Pastor Tylos and First Lady Minister Pamela Jackson. If you are ever in the area, please come and visit us at 3124 McHenry Ave. at Rumble Rd. V.I.P. is a wonderful BIBLE Teaching church also led by the Holy SPIRIT where GOD will make room for your gift and we will have arms open with “LOVE” for all who enters! ~Always In His Grip~ ~Audrey~

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